Making a Complaint

General information

As the regulatory body for designated health professionals the NLCHP, is responsible under the Health Professions Act (2010), for serving and protecting the public. The Council does this by ensuring that registrants meet the requirements for registration and uphold the standards of practice and code of ethics for their discipline.

As defined in the Health Professions Act (2010), conduct deserving of sanction includes:

  1. professional misconduct,
  2. unprofessional conduct,
  3. professional incompetence
  4. conduct unbecoming of a health professional,
  5. incapacity or unfitness to practice as a health professional, and
  6. acting in breach of the Health Professions Act (2010) or the by-laws.

Each college also has policies defining conduct deserving of sanction. Please visit the applicable health professional college website for additional information.

The Health Professions Act (2010) gives the Registrar the authority to attempt to resolve an allegation where it appears it may be resolved satisfactorily. Allegations that are not resolved are referred to a Complaints Authorization Committee (CAC).

The CAC may direct that an allegation:

  1. be referred back to the registrar for an investigation or alternate dispute resolution;
  2. conduct an investigation itself or appoint a person to conduct an investigation on its behalf;
  3. conduct a practice review into the respondent’s practice;
  4. require the respondent to appear before it; and/or
  5. refer the allegation to the quality assurance committee. The CAC may also consider an allegation a complaint and issue a caution/counsel to a respondent or refer the complaint to an Adjudication Tribunal for a hearing to address the complaint. Pending a hearing of the complaint, Council may also suspend or restrict the respondent’s registration.

For detail on the process, please refer to Sections 35 to 50 of the Health Professions Act (2010).

For more information about the Complaint Process, please click HERE

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