Self-Employment Guidelines

This document provides direction and resources for health professionals registered under the Health Professions Act  in relation to regulatory responsibilities for self-employed practice. Self-employed health professionals need to consider all the business aspects of running an independent practice that would normally be handled by an employer. They must adhere to all other legislation, standards of practice, ethical codes and currently policies and guidelines relevant to their practice. Self-employed health professionals are encouraged to develop a business plan and consult with an accountant, lawyer, insurance advisor and bank as applicable. This document is meant to supplement the Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and Scope of Practice documents developed by each health professionals College as well as the policies of the NLCHP.

NLCHP Self-Employment Regulatory Document and Resource Guide

Please note: this document is intended as a guideline for regulatory issues only. NLCHP does not provide advice for business operations related to matters such as taxation, legal, insurance or finances. For information about operating a business please visit:

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