Change of Status


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Change of Status

Registrants who wish to change their active registration category during the registration year must complete a Change in Status Request form. Please contact the NLCHP for more information. 

Registrants who change from non-practicing to general status during the registration year will have their non-practicing fees applied to their general status registration fee.

Registrants who do not wish to renew their registration must notify NLCHP to change their registration status from an active registration renewal category to inactive status and must also complete a Change of Status Request form.

Inactive registrants who renew their registration within three months of changing their registration status and who meet the requirements for registration, will be registered using the registration renewal process.

After three months of inactive status, registrants will be required to meet initial registration requirements to change to an active registration category including providing a new criminal record and vulnerable sector check and paying a lapsed membership fee.

More information is available in the NLCHP Change of Status During Registration Year Policy.

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