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NLCHP Portal

NLCHP Portal

Visit the NLCHP Portal to access online services for applicants and registrants.

Updating your personal information

You can now update your profile including contact information in the NLCHP Portal. Under the Regulations for all health professionals regulated by the Health Professions Act (2010), registered health professionals are required to notify the NLCHP of a change in mailing address or employer information. NLCHP requires notification within 30 days of a change. Please use the member login and click on the personal information section.

Request a Letter of Good Standing

Most jurisdictions and licensing organizations will require a Letter of Good Standing or Professional Conduct when a registrant is applying to work as a health professional in another province or country. Generally, the letter is sent directly to the regulatory agency where one is making application. You can request a Letter of Good Standing from NLCHP by using the NLCHP Portal.

NLCHP FEE Schedule

Fees for NLCHP health professional registration are as follows together with the college membership fees described in the attachment below.

Please be advised that College membership fees are set by the individual health professional colleges designated in the NLCHP (Health Professions Act).

Registration Fees Schedule 2022 
Full year, 12 month registration fee for the NLCHP (all designated health professionals) $450
Initial Processing fee (for new registrations) $60
Lapsed Registration Fee$60
Late Application Fee$50
Letter of Good Standing$25
Non-Practicing Registration$125
Part year NLCHP registration (within the 9th to 12th month ) $225

NLCHP Fees Schedule 2022

NLCHP Fees Schedule 2023

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