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Registration Renewal for April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025

Renewal will open on January 15, 2024. Please ensure to complete your renewal by March 1, 2024,  to avoid late fees.

Please Note: Your license will not be renewed until you have completed and uploaded to the CE portal, all CE requirements for the 2023 calendar year. You will no longer be granted 90 days to complete any outstanding CE requirements.

Reminders – Important things you need to know:

1. For step-by-instructions on how to complete the renewal process, please review the Renewal User Guide.

2. You are required to use the primary e-mail address you previously provided to the NLCHP to sign into your online account. Please contact the NLCHP Staff at (709) 745-7304 if you cannot remember which e-mail address you have on file.

3. Please remember the two factor authentication security questions you are required to answer are case sensitive. After three attempts with incorrect answers your account will be locked, and you will have to contact the NLCHP Staff at 745-7304 to have your account reset.

4. You will be required to provide the following information:

  • Confirm /update current employment information with worksite location, department and address.
  • Practice hours: NL Health Services have agreed to submit electronic confirmation of practice hours directly to the NLCHP. If employed with an employer other than NL Health Services or you are self – employed, an official letter confirming your hours of practice must be submitted to the NLCHP . The letter must be signed by the employer or an independent third party (accountant, office manager, income tax specialist). See Employment Documentation Policy. NLCHP has developed a template that you may choose to use: Statement of Practice Hours. 
  • Information on any other active registrations you hold in your profession (Non-practicing status is also considered an active registration category). If registered/licensed to practice in another jurisdiction (province/ territory/ country) within the last 12 months, request a verification of registration (letter of good standing) from each jurisdiction be sent directly to the NLCHP.
  • If your profession requires that you maintain mandatory certifications such as CPR, you will need to provide current proof of completion if the certification expires on or before April 15, 2024.

5. Late fees will apply to applications submitted on March 1, 2024. Be sure to renew online before that date. Late fees may also apply to incomplete applications. 

6. If you are not intending to renew your registration at this time, you must complete a Change of Status Request in the NLCHP Portal.

7. Registrants are reminded to ensure they review their College policies to ensure they are aware of their CE  requirements and also what documentation is required as proof of completion. Links to the College websites can be found on the NLCHP website: 

8. When submitting CE documentation, please ensure only your name is included on attendance lists. Names of other registrants should be redacted.

9. Short orientation videos for each health profession, demonstrating how to use the CE Portal are available on the NLCHP website,  Quality Assurance, Continuing Education (CE) Portal.

NLCHP will notify you by email that your registration renewal has been approved and that your name has been added to the List of Registered Health Professionals. You are then eligible to continue to practice in Newfoundland and Labrador on April 1, 2024.

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