Making a Complaint as a Member of the Public


Complaint Form

Complaints about the conduct or competence of a member may be submitted online using the secure Complaint Form.

If you, as a member of the public, have concern(s) about the care/service delivered or about the professional conduct of a health professional you may submit an allegation (complaint) against the health professional with the Registrar of the NLCHP.

You may contact the Registrar of the NLCHP who will advise you on the complaint process and the procedure required to initiate a complaint against a health professional.

NLCHP Complaint Form is available online.

For individuals who file a formal allegation (complaint) the Registrar will formally acknowledge your allegation (complaint) and will provide details with respect to the next steps in the review process.

If you are aware of an individual practicing as one of the NLCHP registered health professionals who is not registered with the NLCHP, please contact the Registrar immediately.

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